I won the lottery

I remember one morning walking into work with 3 scratch off lottery tickets and 2 cups of coffee from the local convenience store.  As I sat down in my cubicle I decided to give one of the cups of coffee and 2 of the scratch off lottery tickets to a co-worker in my department.  As he prepared his coffee and began to scratch off the lottery tickets, I watched in anticipation.  The first scratch off was like most others– “not a winner.”  As he scratched the second ticket I just knew that this was not like the others; I knew the reaction would be altogether different.  As he rubbed the third scratch area to see whether a prize had been won, the reaction was something out of a commercial for the Florida lottery.  “I won ten thousand dollars!” he shouted and began to jump up and down near his cubicle.  He ran a lap around the building and exclaimed all the ways he was about to spend that ten thousand dollars. 

After a little help from the HR department and reading the back of the ticket, he discovered the lottery ticket was fake. The tickets were purchased at a practical joke store and not a convenience store.  The Champaign wishes and caviar dreams came crashing down.  I almost died that day, but that is another devotional.  You see friend, until this co-worker investigated further and read the fine print, he was convinced he had won ten thousand dollars.  He truly believed in the False Evidence that Appeared Real. 

There are many things in your life right now telling you that you can’t do something or that you can’t be something because of False Evidence Appearing Real.  Whether you are struggling through a trial, or struggling to make the next mortgage payment, don’t forget to read the fine print: “ I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” – Philippians 4:13

– Eddie


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